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Each card contains an answer, made up of two different parts, that share a word which connects them together.

Players will take turns being the clue giver each round. The clue giver must come up with clues for both parts of the answer and tell the group. The group will guess the answer.


The first player to guess correctly wins the round!

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The two parts of the answer are dog food (part 1) and food fight (part 2). For this card, the connected word is food.


The clue giver must come up with a clue that describes both parts separately. The clue given is completely up to the clue giver, however, the clue cannot contain any of the words in the answer.


Possible clue: “Man’s best friend eats this out of a bowl and an incident in a school cafeteria that will cause a huge mess.


Hints will be given if no one can guess the answer.


Possible hint: If no one can guess “dog food fight” based on the clue provided, the clue giver will give a hint for one of the parts. A possible hint for food fight could be, “the mess in the cafeteria is caused by kids throwing their lunch at each other.”

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